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Tech Talk Tuesdays: Speechcraft Online – an introduction to the art of public speaking!

April 19, 2015

When: Tuesday, April 21st, 4-5pm Melbourne Victoria time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your time zone.

Where: Online in blackboard collaborate. Click on this link to listen to the recording

About this session:Carole McCulloch will promote the idea of having components of the Toastmasters International Speechcraft online and invite you to consider its benefits.

Have you ever wanted to try Toastmasters? Do you need to develop and deliver a speech? Are you seeking community based opportunities for improving your leadership skills? There are hundreds of clubs to choose from across the world. Does the thought of visiting Toastmasters fill you with dread?
It does not need to be that scary!

Speechcraft workshops are frequently presented by Toastmasters as a way in to club experience. For some potential speakers/leaders this will involve lots of travel and several hours of their time over a period of weeks.

Speechcraft Online proposes to: cut down the amount of travel, make use of the many great examples of speeches online, and provide easy sequential steps to building your skills.
You can then practice your new skills by confidently joining a Toastmasters club near you.

Join us for an online workshop at Tech Talk Tuesday with Carole and Anne.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Twitter Chats

April 12, 2015

Twitter Chats make for great PD!

When: Tuesday 14 April, 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10). (Please note that daylight saving has now finished!) See timeanddate for your day and timezone.

Where: Online in Blackboard Collaborate. Please click on this link to join this free webinar.

About this session: Twitter Chats have taken the educational world (and other global communities) by storm.  New chats are constantly springing eUp! Whatever your interest in education, there will be a twitter chat relevant to you. They are occurring around the clock, on a weekly or monthly basis or other ad hoc time periods. They are free, organised by passionate people, require little effort to join in, can provide some great professional development and are usually archived.

  • The following topics will be discussed as part of this webinar:
  • Importance of your profile
  • Hashtags – what are they? How important are they?
  • What is a twitter chat?
  • Why participate in a twitter chat?
  • Where to find twitter chats of interest?
  • How to follow the chat! Some tools to help!
  • Where to find archives!
  • Tips for successful participation

Please join us and share in the conversations.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Skype in the Classroom

March 19, 2015
A skype selfie

A skype selfie

When: Tuesday March  24th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11 or utc+11).

Where: Blackboard Collaborate. Click on this link to listen to the recording.

About this session: The innovative use of technology can break down physical and social barriers so that students and teachers can learn with and from classes elsewhere including across the world.  Classes of all ages can communicate and interact with each other taking learning beyond the textbook. With no or minimal cost and effort expert speakers can be brought in virtually.

Skype is a free, user friendly tool that is globally available and provides many elements that are necessary for successful and innovative real time or synchronous linkups and even non synchronous linkups. Equipment needs are minimal and within the reach of all.

This session will:

  1. introduce participants to skype,
  2. demonstrate some of its advanced features,
  3. share stories of successful use in traditional and innovative classrooms,
  4. share resources, sites to get connected to other classrooms and expert speakers and
  5. disucss some tips and tricks for succeeding.
  6. Participants will be walked through the Skype in Education site which offers many opportunities for connecting free.
  7. outline some of the new features of skype – skype video messages, skype translator etc

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Personas, profiles and portraits of giftedness

March 15, 2015

Jo Freitag sprites site

When: Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 at 4pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11) See timeanddate for your region

Where: Online in Blackboard Collaborate. Click on this link to join the session.

About this session: Tech Talk Tuesday will start the year off celebrating Gifted Awareness Week with guest presenter Jo Freitag. This session will discuss “Personas, profiles and portraits of giftedness”: using personal descriptions/narratives to illustrate profiles of the gifted and talented and understand their particular needs. All students deserve an excellent education Gifted students need an education which is at an appropriate level, pace, depth and breadth.
Jo will use persona dolls and personal descriptions/narratives to illustrate profiles of the gifted that can aid in building an understanding of the needs of gifted students and a variety of methods for addressing their strengths and challenges. Please join us for this fascinating session.

Further resources and reading:-

  1. Gifted Awareness Week in Australia
  2. Gifted Resources
  3. Sprites Site

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Global Connections

November 16, 2014

This week’s Tech Talk Tuesday partners with the amazing Global Education Conference, allowing us to learn about the world with the world. The conference kicks of in the early hours of my Tuesday morning and goes for 5 days, 24/7 – a master feat with many presenters and participants from all corners of the world. Check out the conference program to find sessions you are interested in. They are recorded if the times do not suit.

When: Tuesday November 18th November, 4-4:45pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11)

Where: Blackboard Collaborate – Click on this link to join the session or copy and paste this url into your browser

About the session: This will be an unwebinar calling on participation from those who attend. The following questions will be virtually discussed using the chat, polls and the interactive whiteboard/

  1. Why is global education important?
  2. How can we learn about the world?
  3. How has technology had an impact on global education and connectedness?
  4. Which are the best tools for connecting, collaborating and communicating globally?
  5. Share some success stories?
  6. Nominate some global projects to get involved in.
  7. What are the challenges and how do we overcome them?
  8. Compile a list of online places to find people to connect with

Please bring an image that shares your culture or where you are from and any resources that you have found to be useful.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Lego Animations on the Big Screen

October 29, 2014

When: Tuesday, November 11th, 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11)

Where: Online in Blackboard Collaborate Click on this link to join the session or copy the following url and paste in your browser.

About this session: During semester 1, 2014, Ben Gallagher, a teacher of grade 1/2, realised how much his students loved to create with lego. They were really enthausiastic about producing a film in animation with their lego models and so they did! The film was then screened at a 700 seat cinema and received excellent comments and support from Academy Award winning animator, Adam Elliot. Please join us and learn how this fantastic outcome was achieved with such young students!

About our presenterBen Gallagher,  is an innovative primary school teacher at Meredith Primary School and moderator of the student conference series. He is also a web conference coach for Digital Learning, DEECD. Find Ben on twitter.

eT@lking: Tweets and Skypes

October 22, 2014

When: Wednesday 29th October, 7:30-8:30pm, Melbourne Australia time

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Please click on this link to join or copy and paste the following link into your browser

About this session:

Two of the most of influential tools for connecting educators and opening up both class and staffrooms, are twitter and skype. Britt Gow, an award winning educator, has used twitter to build a personal learning network, connect with educators across the world and invite experts into her classroom. Skype connections allow peer to peer connections and have brought in both local, national and global experts into her science classrooms.  Please join us and learn more about these great, user friendly tools, how to use them effectively, benefits for learning and where to find connections.

About our presenter: Britt Gow received the “Secondary Teacher of the Year” award in the Victorian Education Excellence Awards in 2013 and the prestigious “Lindsay Thompson Fellowship” award in 2014.  Britt, a science teacher, has taught at a small, rural school in SW Victoria for the past twelve years, but has shared her work globally using blogs, wikis and other social media.


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