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Tech Talk Tuesdays: Blogging 101

September 6, 2015

When: Tuesday September 8th, 4-5pm Melbourne, Victoria time (gmt+10 or utc+10)

Where: Adobe Connect Tech Talk Tuesday room. Click on this link to view the recording..

About this session: This session will continue on from a previous session, demonstrating the elements of blogging that teachers and community members should know to make their blogs secure, engaging and a rich resource. Depending on the nature and requirements of the participants, some of the topics to be covered will be:

  • the importance of categories and tags
  • comments – the importance of comments, quality comments, approving comments
  • difference between posts and pages
  • hyperlinks
  • adding widgets and engagement to the sidebars eg flagcounters, clustrmaps, weather, translators etc
  • themes – considerations for mobile devices
  • hyperlinking
  • adding images, videos, podcasts etc
  • developing blogs into digital portfolios

Please join us, bring your questions, experiences and any resources.


Tech Talk Tuesdays: Blogging – an essential online space!

August 16, 2015

Date: Tuesday, August 18th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (gmt or utc+10)

Where: Free online webinar in Adobe Connect virtual meeting room

Link to the recording

About the session: Blogging is an essential digital literacy in the 21st century. This session will be structured to suit the needs of the participants but the following may be covered:

  • why is blogging an essential digital literacy for both teachers and students?
  • posts and pages –
  • what can you write about?
  • the importance of categories and tags in blogging
  • how to add those wonderful widgets to the sidebar eg clustrmaps, weather, google translate, countdown etc
  • the importance of commenting, appropriate commenting
  • establishing an audience
  • how to expand a blog’s readership
  • how to create digital portfolios through blogging
  • tips and hints for successful blogging
  • where to find out more

Anne Mirtschin will step through a blog and demonstrate much of the above. Please join us, share in the conversations and bring your experiences and questions. Why would you say that ‘blogging is an essential online space?” Please share as a comment below.

Know My World: Examining Discrimination using Collaborative Apps

August 10, 2015

When: Wednesday, August 12th, 9:00pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your time zone.

Where: The Australia Series Blackboard Collaborate room.

About this webinar: Examining Discrimination Using Collaborative Apps
This is part 4 of a webinar series from Know My World, which offers a cross-cultural collaboration project connecting two classrooms around the globe via collaborative apps.
Using the Padlet App, students will examine where discrimination is present in their lives and the world to explore ways they can work to eliminate it in their communities. Students will gain cultural awareness, critical thinking and research skills through small group collaboration, cross-cultural dialogue and community involvement.
Please join in the conversations.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Where to find Free online PD – 24/7

August 9, 2015

When: Tuesday August 11th, 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt or utc +10)

Where: The Australia eSeries Blackboard Collaborate room Please click on this link to listen to the recording of this fabulous session by Peggy.

Peggy George, of the USA,  moderator of the weekly Classroom 2.0 webinars, was a recent keynote presenter for the Speaks Volumes online conference. The theme of this conference was Super Heroes. Peggy’s presentation was “Charge up your PLN! A credit card with no expiration date!”

Peggy  will step us through many of the options for free PD online, using her amazing bank of resources that she has gathered and placed in a live binder as part of her presentation.

Please join us and join in the conversations.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Professional Development: What are the options?

August 2, 2015

iste 2015

When: Tuesday August 4th

Where: In a new environment of Adobe Connect.

Listen to the recording

Peggy George shared her recent keynote on a similar topic complete with a live binder full of resources for all types of free online PD.  Click on this link to listen to her keynote or get lost in the many links to webinars, conferences, twitter chats etc

About the session: This will be an un-webinar style session where participants will discuss the

  • need for professional development (PD)
  • the many ways in which free PD can be found – webinars, twitter chats, MOOCs, conferences – physical and online. Pros and cons of each
  • sharing of favourite face to face conferences, free online conferences, webinars and twitter chats etc
  • how to join in physical conferences remotely!
  • report on the recent ISTE conference in Philadelphia, USA in June
  • how to make the most of conferences prior to, during and afterwards etc
  • characteristics of successful conferences
  • any topics that the participants would like to raise.

Community Connect: Apps for every Teachers’ Digital Toolbox (Mobile Learning)

July 28, 2015

When: Thursday, July 30th

Where: The Australia Series Blackboard Collaborate room.

What to expect:  Shamblesguru (alias Chris Smith from Chiang Mai, Thailand) will be guest presenter. He will share just a very very few of the 1,400 Apps that are on his iPad with a focus on :

  • Presenting in the Classroom
  • Finding Apps : especially free ones
  • Apples’ Own Apps
  • Productivity Tools
  • Video Streaming

Shambles is also very open to follow any specific topics that participants may ask for. The session will have relevance to all teachers … not just ‘k-12 but ‘k to grey’ and in all subjects. Although Shambles will be using an iPhone or iPad most of what will be covered will also be relevant to those with Android smart phones and tablets

He plans to use some of the time to allow participants to share their own favourite App(s).

About Shamblesguru: Shamblesguru (Chris Smith) is a Digital Nomad Evangelist living in Chiangmai, Thailand … working across S.E.Asia and in Hyperspace.

– Website

– Follow on Twitter at (He’ll be Tweeting during the session)

– Youtube at (where this session will be archived

Exploring Poverty through Digital Cross-Cultural Exchange and Visual Mapping

July 16, 2015

When: Wednesday July 29th 9 to 10pm gmt+10, AEST, Melbourne Victoria time

Where: The Australia Series Blackboard Collaborate room Click on this link to join.know my world

About this session: Exploring Poverty through Digital Cross-Cultural Exchange and Visual Mapping, is part 3 of a webinar series from Know My World, which offers a cross-cultural collaboration project connecting two classrooms around the globe via visual mapping technology.  Using the Popplet app, students will explore causes of and solutions for, issues that people face regarding poverty and nutrition.  Students will develop critical thinking skills, cultural knowledge and self-awareness through comparative discussions, process journaling and community involvement.

Please join us and share in the conversations.