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#Community Connect: Interactive Online Tools for Formative Assessment

October 7, 2014


Does your class have access to any Internet-enabled devices? If you are looking for ways to create an interactive classroom using various Internet-enabled devices but cannot afford to buy a class set of clickers, Socrative and InfuseLearning are excellent alternatives.

I hope you can join us this Thursday night at 8-9pm (GMT+11) on 9th October as I go through two interactive online tools (Socrative and InfuseLearning) to create an engaging and interactive classroom.

If you know how to use them, or have used in your class, come and share your ideas and hopefully can pick up ideas from others.

WHAT: Interactive Online Tools for Formative Assessment
WHEN: Thursday, 9th October, 8-9pm (Melbourne time)


Tech Talk Tuesdays: The Connected Edcuator

October 5, 2014


When: Tuesday October 7th, 4-5pm Melbourne, Australia time gmt+11 (Please note that we have started daylight saving time) See timeanddate for your day and time.

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Click on this link to listen to the recording

About this session: Throughout October we will be celebrating US Connected Educator Month, an initiative started by the the USA Education Department. Digital Learning of the Victorian Education Department is partnering and bringing it to the increased attention of Australian educators at Connected Educator Month with New Zealand and Norway also coming on board. This week’s Tech Talk Tuesday will highlight the notion of being connected as educators, by discussing the following topics:-

  1. The absolute importance of being a Connected Educator and why?
  2. What does a connected educator look like?
  3. Where can we find others to get connected – locally, nationally and globally?
  4. Tools that help us connect with others
  5. Resources available
  6. Examples of outcomes of being highly connected
  7. What are some things we can do during connected educator month?
  8. Conferences/webinars on offer to During Connected Educator Month
  9. What is on offer during Connected Educator Month?
  10. How can we follow the conversations? US twitter hashtag  = #ce14 Australian #ceoz14; New Zealand #cenz14 and Norway #cenor14

Community Connect – Triptico demonstration with the developer

September 15, 2014


It is my great pleasure to invite David Riley, the creator of Triptico to our Community Connect Thursday Online webinar session. 

Triptico is a collection of engaging interactive resources. In this presentation, David Riley, the creator of Triptico, will demonstrate the ease with which the resources can be customised and shared for use in any subject and with any age and ability range. David will share his experience of using the resources in his own classroom and explain how easy it is to begin using these interactive resources in your own teaching.

Suitable for: Primary and Secondary

WHAT: ‘TRIPTICO Demonstration with the Developer’
WHEN: Thursday, 18 September, 8-9pm (Melbourne time)

Please share this excellent opportunity with your colleagues.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Twitter for All

September 13, 2014

When: Tuesday, Sept 17th 4-5pm, Melbourne, Victoria time

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Please click on this link to join

About this session: Learning is becoming more networked, organic, customized, social, ‘just in time’, global etc. Twitter is a great tool to provide for all this. This session will form a general discussion amongst participants and be tailored to suit the participants’ needs and questions. However, it will cover elements of twitter for all users – newbies and experienced and may include:-

  • uses of twitter for educationalists
  • who to follow
  • the profile
  • hashtags – how to use them, why use them etc
  • creating lists
  • adding multimedia
  • and much more

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Virtual Excursions

September 5, 2014

fizzics education

When: Tuesday September 9th from 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

Where: Blackboard Collaborate click on this link to listen to the recording

About this session: There can be a lot of effort, cost and time spent in organising excursions for students. Rural students are particularly remote from museums, science centres, art galleries etc. Technology now provides us with the power to break down those barriers and allow classrooms to connect virtually with many, many providers.

Ben will share with us some of the organisations who provide virtual excursions via videoconferencing – both in Australia and the USA  and Canada. He will also demonstrate some of the

  • different hardware types now available and
  • many of the free tools that teachers can use to connect virtually
  • sites to peruse and join to find what is available.

About the presenter:  Ben Newsome is director of Fizzics Education, an organisation that provides interactive science shows, products and products. Ben received The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to investigate best practice in science education via videoconferencing  in Canada and the USA.

Please join us, learn further how remove classroom walls and take teaching and learning beyond the textbook into the real world.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Podcasting with Students

August 29, 2014

When: Tuesday, September 2nd, 4-5pm Melbourne Victoria time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your time zone

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Please click on this link to listen to the recording.

About this session: Brian Riley of Our Lady of the Southern Cross an innovative primary school will share his work and the tools used in creating the “olscwynpodcasts” with students. If you would like a sneak preview of their work, goto or search the iTunes Store for ‘olscwyn’ & subscribe. Please join us and share in the conversations.

Legon Animations hit the Big Screen – Became Connected Learning at its Best!

August 23, 2014

Please note that at the last moment, Ben Gallagher was unable to present for this session this afternoon. The session will be rescheduled for a later date. Instead, participants shared their classses, their role in education and interests. They were asked what questions they might have in regard to learning and technology. The questions/topics of interest were:-

  1. An interest to know more about connected learning
  2. How to edit out small segments of a movie on a Mac computer!

Peggy George a regular supporter of Tech Talk Tuesday needed help with the editing. Ben, one of our participants suggested iMovie. Clever use of application sharing and collaborative discussions/suggestions finally worked out how to do this. A fine example of how amazing connected learning can be!

The use of padlet for connected learning between a class in Australia and one in Malaysia was demonstrated. The link to the recording can be found by clicking on this link.

When: Tuesday, 26th August from 4-5pm See timeanddate for your time zone

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Click on this link to join the session

About this session:- During semester 1 in 2014, Ben Gallagher, a teacher of grade 1/2, found his students loved to create with lego. They were really enthausiastic about producing a film in animation with their lego models and so they did! The film was then screened at a 700 seat cinema and received excellent comments and support from Academy Award winning animator, Adam Elliot. Please join us and learn how this fantastic outcome was achieved with such young students!

About our presenterBen Gallagher,  is an innovative primary school teacher, acting Principal at Meredith Primary School and moderator of the student conference series. He is a web conference coach for Digital Learning, DEECD. Find Ben on twitter.


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