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Community Connect: Apps for every Teachers’ Digital Toolbox (Mobile Learning)

July 28, 2015

When: Thursday, July 30th

Where: The Australia Series Blackboard Collaborate room.

What to expect:  Shamblesguru (alias Chris Smith from Chiang Mai, Thailand) will be guest presenter. He will share just a very very few of the 1,400 Apps that are on his iPad with a focus on :

  • Presenting in the Classroom
  • Finding Apps : especially free ones
  • Apples’ Own Apps
  • Productivity Tools
  • Video Streaming

Shambles is also very open to follow any specific topics that participants may ask for. The session will have relevance to all teachers … not just ‘k-12 but ‘k to grey’ and in all subjects. Although Shambles will be using an iPhone or iPad most of what will be covered will also be relevant to those with Android smart phones and tablets

He plans to use some of the time to allow participants to share their own favourite App(s).

About Shamblesguru: Shamblesguru (Chris Smith) is a Digital Nomad Evangelist living in Chiangmai, Thailand … working across S.E.Asia and in Hyperspace.

– Website

– Follow on Twitter at (He’ll be Tweeting during the session)

– Youtube at (where this session will be archived

Exploring Poverty through Digital Cross-Cultural Exchange and Visual Mapping

July 16, 2015

When: Wednesday July 29th 9 to 10pm gmt+10, AEST, Melbourne Victoria time

Where: The Australia Series Blackboard Collaborate room Click on this link to join.know my world

About this session: Exploring Poverty through Digital Cross-Cultural Exchange and Visual Mapping, is part 3 of a webinar series from Know My World, which offers a cross-cultural collaboration project connecting two classrooms around the globe via visual mapping technology.  Using the Popplet app, students will explore causes of and solutions for, issues that people face regarding poverty and nutrition.  Students will develop critical thinking skills, cultural knowledge and self-awareness through comparative discussions, process journaling and community involvement.

Please join us and share in the conversations.

Cross-Cultural Exchange and Infographic Technology: Environmental Sustainability

June 20, 2015

When: Wednesday, June 24th, 9pm, Melbourne, Australia time (utc+10) Check your time zone here:

Where: Australia eSeries Blackboard Collaborate room. Click on this link to join

About this session: This is the second in the 4 part series of webinars from Know My World that offers an example of a 6 week digital exchange project that connects two classrooms around the globe using infographic technology. Using the Piktograph application, students will develop campaigns that focus on creating awareness and change around a global environmental issue they want to address in their local communities. Students will develop cultural awareness, knowledge and social skills through cross-cultural dialogue, small group work and community involvement.

Digital Cross-Cultural Exchange via Know My World

June 10, 2015

Webinar Series Overview:
A 4-part webinar series developed by Know My World, a global education resource organization, that focuses on using digital technology and cross-cultural exchange to address social issues within classroom curriculum. The projects in this series involve students in a dialogue and collaborative activities that create global conversations while creating change in local communities. The dates and times for these webinars are as follows: June 10 & 24 and July 8 & 22.These are all Wednesdays in AEST at 9 pm and New York *Wed 7:00 AM
Webinar 1: Challenging Gender Stereotypes with Digital Diaries

When: Wednesday, June 10th, 9pm Melbourne, Australian time (gmt+10 or utc+10)
Where: The Australia Series Room in BlackboardCollaborate
About this session: Challenging Gender Stereotypes with Digital Diaries is an 8 week project, which integrates a digital cross-cultural exchange relationship between 2 classrooms in the world through a digital diary. Using the Penzu App, students will reflect on and exchange responses to several key questions and prompts about gender stereotyping in their classrooms and communities. Students will build trust and empathy through self-reflection exercises, cross-cultural dialogue and diary sharing.

About Our Presenter: Lisa DellaPorte is the Programs Manager for Know My World and is based in USA.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Geocaching with students

June 3, 2015

When: Tuesday June 9th 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Link to the recording.

About this session: Steph Hann will present on some fascinating work that she has been involved in with geocaching, her year 6 students. Much of this has been done  in  partnership with year 4 Education students at Deakin University Warrnambool Campus. Steph will discuss the nature of geocaching, how to get started, some protocols to follow and tips for success and some great projects to get involved in.

Please join us and share in the conversations.


In Review: Personas, profiles and portraits of giftedness Part 2: Sprite the Twice Exceptional

June 2, 2015

Jo Freitag skillfully used her wonderful dolls, their clothing and even dogs to give us a closer understanding of the nature of gifted students and the many personas that they may take on in the classroom. You can see her presentation below or click on this link and view it on slideshare. Thanks Jo!

Personas, profiles and portraits of giftedness Part 2: Sprite the Twice Exceptional

May 28, 2015

When: Tuesday June 2nd 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

Where: Blackboard Collaborate. Click on this link to join the webinar

About this session: Jo Freitag will continue the discussion of “Personas, profiles and portraits of giftedness” using persona dolls and personal descriptions/narratives to illustrate profiles of the gifted and talented and understand their particular needs. Part 2 will focus on Sprite the Twice Exceptional and understanding the needs of students who are both gifted and also have some form of disability

About our presenter: Jo Freitag is a champion of gifted students, co-ordinator of gifted resources and author of Sprite’s Site blog. Follow her on twitter @jofrei

Please join us and share in the conversations.


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