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eT@lking is a weekly webinar series held each Wednesday night from 8 to 9pm, Melbourne (gmt+10), Australia time. Sessions are aimed at educationalists from all areas/tiers of education and interested community members. The sessions are a mix of discussions relating to

  1. topical technology issues, resources and applications directed at education, through to
  2. formal presentations featuring a mix of local, national and global innovators, thinkers and practitioners.

Please join us, network, share and help transform education with the use of technology. A summary of some of the exciting sessions that were held in 2010 can be found in the video below.


Links to recordings for 2012 –

Feb 15th Feb Playing 2.0 Learn Link to the recording

Feb 22nd Trending Tools for 2012 Link to the Recording

Feb 29th Link to the Recording

March 7th Link to Recording

March 14th Link to Recording

March 21st Betcha Dont Know this About Google Search with Chris Betcher

March 21st Link to recording

June 13th Assessing Educational Apps with Daniel Donahoo

July 25th eT@lking at ISTE with Anne Mirtschin

Schedule for 2011

Recording Links

November 24th Success factors in online learning

June 28th Social Networking in Teaching and Learning

June 1st Digital Citizenship

May 10th The Google Teacher Academy – Sydney

April 6th A favourite Web2.0 Tool

March 30th Podcasting with the Edtechcrew

March 23rd Articulate with Graham Clark

March 16th: Your PLN and life-long learning: a model for students

February 16th: Blogging- a Digital Literacy of the 21st Century

February 8th: Yammer!  Is it Twitter or ……?

February 2nd: Twitter: an eBox of Tweets

January 19th: Technology during DisasterRecording

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