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I have invited members of the MMUG to collaborate on preparing and delivering some ongoing webinar tutorials about various functional tools, resources, activities and models of Moodle delivery.

These webinars are likely to be held once a month on Mondays at an evening time schedule, yet to be decided. If you wish to become a member of the Melbourne Moodle Users Group you can do that here:

We are now gearing up for the Moodle Monday meetings – we will begin on August 20

Moodle practitioners have participated in these webinars :

May 2012 MMUG online workshops

May 10: Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Moodle External Tools at 7 pm AEST in Coach Carole’s Virtual Office

April 2012 – Series 2

April 4: Being a learner in Moodle

April 11: Being a designer in Moodle with Trickyfish Productions

April 18: Creating online presence with Moodle with Stephan Schmidt (SA)

April 23: An Interview with the Moodleman with Julian Ridden (NSW)

March 2012 – Series 1

March 1: Introduction to Moodle

March 8: Being a learner in Moodle

March 13: Being a designer in Moodle

March 22: Being a developer in Moodle

March 29: Being a facilitator in Moodle

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