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#Community Connect
  • 22nd May Ness Crouch sharing Creating your Own elearning environment with GAFE.  Recording Link
  • 15th May Shingo Suzuki-Gibson, Catherine Damon and Theresa Burlak sharing ways of using ICT tools to Differentiate in the classroom. Recording Link
  • 8th May Ness Crouch sharing how to Get organised and develop your professional portfolio and gather your learning resources with Weebly Recording Link
  • 1st May Shingo Suzuki-Gibson leads us in an Idea Exchange Recording Link
  • 27th March Jo Freitag shares with us her expertise in Gifted Education Recording Link
  • 20th March Shingo Suzuki-Gibson gives us some ideas for using Social Media in our classrooms Recording Link
  • 13th March Ness Crouch sharing more Google Apps Recording Link
  • 6th March Ness Crouch and special guest Google Certified teacher Hatsu Watanabe Google Apps Recording Link
  • 27th February Ness Crouch sharing how to use Google Forms as an Assessment tool Recording Link
  • Best Approaches to Global Collaboration (Global Collaboration) Recording Link

#Community Connect

Become a Moodler Series 1 & 2 recording links can be found on this page ( for the Moodlers) – March and April 2012
Eportfolios in Focus recording links can be found on this page (for the Eportfolio enthusiasts) – May 2012 (new page coming soon)
Tech Talk Tuesdays recording links can be found on this page.
Community Connect


E-portfolios Community of Practice Webinars (2010-2011)
Eportfolios for Indigenous Educators (ePIE)
Eportfolios for the Professions
Eportfolios in the Trades
Eportfolios in the Trades
Eportfolio Implementation Trials 2010
Eportfolio Implementation Trials 2011
e-Gems session – Strategies for implementing e-portfolios in your organisation 
Eportfolio Communities of Practice

2011 Specials

EpCoP MOOC Webinars

July 27th Recording Introduction to the EpCoP MOOC (1)
August 2nd Recording Introduction to the EpCoP MOOC (2)
August 9th Recording What are e-portfolios?
August 16th Recording Why and where do you want to keep e-portfolios?
August 17th Recording Do you want to try googlios?
August 23rd Recording Where do you want to store your e-portfolio?
August 31st Recording How do you gather evidence for an e-portfolio?
September 6th Recording So what – reflections in your e-portfolio?
September 13th Recording Now what – multi media in your e-portfolio?
Septemver 20th Recording Then what – where to from here?
September 27th Recording Final Farewells – design for your e-portfolios!

Check out Community Connects profiles

Check out Community Connect e-Collaboration Wiki

Community Connect: EpCoP MOOC Challenge Webinars

Community Connect 2012 ..

Junita Lyon  Coordinator

  • Community Connect for 2012
  • Thank you my colleague Heather Peterson for helping me gets the collection together .
  • Regards
  • Junita Lyon Team Leader and coordinator
  • Ipad and Androids PennyBentley and Helen Doyle  Recording
  • Creative Commons Simon Pankhurst       Recording
  • Bookmarking -(DIIGO) and note-taking tools. Adrienne Kajewski  Recording
  • Trent Bourne  Evernote    Recording
    Planning online projects Junita Lyon  Katt Mathews  and Penny Bentley  Recording
  • pads  Penny Bentley Katt Mathews and  Junita Lyon  Recording
  • Evernote 2 Trent Bourne   Recording
  • AJ and Simon Android and Ipad apps  Recording
  • Twitter In Education Helen Doyle and Mutuota Kigotho   Recording
  • Study Tools AJ   Recording
  • Pop Planning Online Projects Junita Oenny Katt   Recording
  • Ever note  Jill K  Recording
  • iPad  Junita Penny Katt   REcording
  • Ever note Trent Bourne   Recording
  • What Devices You have Simon Pankhurst  Recording
  • Image Management Hi Helen Mutuota Kigotho and Penny   Recording
  • A  Collaboration & Communication Junita Lyon   Recording
  • What skills havr=e you developed   Recording
  • SimonInfo graphic   Recording
  • Content cu ration Simon   Recording
  • Shingo Qutzlet  Recording
  • Connected Learning  Recording
  • Learning Partnerships  Recording
  • Tony Richards  Recording
  • A state library   Recording
  • Pre service teachers  Recording
  • Connected educators  Recording
  • Connectedness   Recording
  • Innovate here Karen Dowling  Recording
  • Working in the cloud AJ   Recording
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  1. December 6, 2011 3:07 pm

    I would like to vote for Junita Lyons

  2. July 25, 2012 9:10 am

    Fabulous resource Junita. I was directed to it from a LinkdIn group so its fame is spreading far and wide 🙂


  1. Tech Talk Tuesdays: A Guided Tour of Blogging part 2 | On an e-Journey with Generation Y

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