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Tech Talk Tuesday – The Networked Educator

March 13, 2014

networked educator

Please note that this session has been pushed forward to March 18th. Apologies to anyone who is inconvenienced by this.

When: Tuesday March 18th
Where: Blackboard Collaborate – click on this link to join the webinar
About this session: This topic was featured for one of the presentations at the recent #ozelive conference. Participants will discuss and share on the following:-

  1. Do we need to be networked? Why/why not?
  2. Transparency vs privacy
  3. What are the important elements for successful networking – digital id including avatars, usernames, profiles etc, online spaces. (Bring along your avatars for sharing on the whiteboard)
  4. Online digital business cards – different types, features, benefits etc
  5. How can we get connected or networked?
  6. Favourite sites for networking and finding others to connect with.
  7. Personal success stories from being networked
  8. Success stories from the classroom

Please join us as we kick off the new series of Tech Talk Tuesdays for 2014. This is free and open to all and an essential topic in an increasingly globally networked world.

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