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#OZeLive Conference Feature: Blended Learning and Web Tools Presentations

February 19, 2014

This weekend you will be lucky enough to hear from a number of talented presenters with hands on experience teaching in classrooms and learning environments using blended learning as a tool for education. I thought I’d take the opportunity to preview some of the sessions over the next few days to share some of the upcoming presentations.

Shingo Gibson-Suzuki is a moderator of the Australia E-Series Community Connect sessions on Thursday nights Shingo is an eLearning coach. As a Japanese teacher he is constantly looking for ways to improve student learning outcomes. His session on Screen Recording Tools for Flipping Your Classroom will be a must see.

Jo Hart is an experience VET (Vocational Education) educator who is the moderator for the Australia E-Series Serendipity sessions on Fridays. She has a wealth of experience in teaching online, particularly to students in remote locations and in this session will share her knowledge about web tools which will engage and empower learners.

Veronica Woo Eu Cheng is a TESL educator from Malaysia. In her session she will share how embracing technologies such as Skype, Frog VLE, Google Hangouts, Movie Maker and Youtube can open your learning environment to the global classroom.

Sieva Kozinsky is the Founder and CEO of StudySoup a US based organisation developing a platform for short course creation. Join Sieva as he shares his research and experience in helping to deliver technology drive education.

Look for our next post to share more of the wonderful presentations on offer or if you can’t wait check out the schedule where information on each session is available by clicking on the name of the session.

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