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#Community Connect: Editing and Creating Visual Images

July 9, 2013

Visual literacy is a vital skill for the digital learners of today. How do we create those images that convey clear, powerful messages? What visual elements are part of our daily visual lives and how can we be creators, not just consumers? Thursday’s presentation is from the point of view of the beginner,  to offer some assistance to those new to using images and are just starting out, wanting to make their own content for a variety of reasons. AJ will be looking at the online tools that help us to edit and manipulate images to suit our communication purpose. These tools will include clever tips for finding fun fonts, making snappy collages and how to use images to send a message.

If you would like to dabble before the session and bring your own images or questions to the group why not try out: and for image editing and fun.

QR codes – message and an action in an image. – for fonts. – to remove unwanted backgrounds

WHEN: Thursday 11th July 2013

WHERE: Recording Link

We look forward to meeting you here Thursday 8pm-9pm AEST

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