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#Community Connect: Formative Assessment and ICT

June 30, 2013

Formative Assessment through the Use of ICT

Join us this Thursday at 8pm Melbourne time (AEST +10) as Shingo and special guest Louisa will discuss ‘Formative Assessment through the use of ICT’. Whether you teach in a primary school or secondary school, formative assessment plays an important role in the classroom. We will welcome Louisa Norwood, an Assistant Principal from Taylors Lakes Secondary College, whose Teacher Professional Leave’s topic was based on Formative Assessment. She will be sharing her professional experiences and ideas.

WHEN: Thursday 27th June 2013

WHERE:  Recording Link

TIME: 8pm Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane, Australia time (GMT+11)

All Welcome! Please bring a friend to help share our knowledge with a larger community! We are also looking for ideas of what people would like to learn about so that we can develop some more sessions! Post a comment or visit the Facebook Page to let use know!

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