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#demooc webinar 5: Gamification with Moodle

June 24, 2013
Gamification with Moodle

Gamification with Moodle

This presentation will be of interest to Moodle Course Creators and educators interested in gamification. The Moodle Gradebook is a very powerful, and often neglected, gamification element.

Interactive computer games stimulate the hippocampus part of our brain, which is essential for learning new information, and invoke positive emotions. The same cannot be said for exams! People generally find the learning and assessment process daunting. A well configured gradebook can provide essential feedback to keep students motivated and positive.

This presentation demonstrates the flexibility of the Moodle LMS gradebook to be configured for all scenarios .. even the Vocational Education (VET) sector! Sample courses will be shown for competency based assessment (graded and ungraded). Rubrics, outcomes, custom scales and progress bars are all Gamification elements that can provide learners with rewards, feedback, levels, progression loops, boss fights, leader boards and achievement badges.

Webinar tomorrow: Natalie is an apology, so Michelle Dodd and I will deliver this webinar about Gamification tactics for elearners. Come along and share your ideas on adding some gamification to your elearning resources. 1pm AEST come prepared by doing your own research on gamification and share with us. A little bit of Flipping Your Classroom to whet your appetite, visit Natalie’s slides here and her Moodle for Motivation Guide here:

Join us live in the BlackBoard Collaborate room at 1 pm AEST on June 27.

  • Natalie has shared her slides with you as an enticement to attend and learn more about Gamification with Moodle.
  • Natalie has shared the Moodle for Motivation Guide with you, download here.
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