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Block Computing -Tech Talk Tuesday in Review

May 28, 2013

With great skill and technical ability, Marc Grossman shared applications and his web camera to share his experiences and knowledge in the use of many block computing tools:- Scratch 2.0 (which is now browser based), MS Kodu, Makey Makey, MIT App Inventor etc.  Marc compared old coding with the new method using blocks in Scratch and demonstrated many of Scratch 2.0’s new features – swipe features in video, new blocks, more sprites, variables that can be shared in the cloud, help! etc

Here is the link to the recording.

The webcam showed a banana, makey makey (an invention kit) and Scratch code to demonstrate what could be done with makey makey. The makey makey creates a circuit, the banana conducts. A quick demo of making a simple game with MS Kodu was given (this may load in a flakey fashion in the recording as it has high resolution graphics.) MIT App Inventor seemed a user friendly app creator. Marc again effectively used his webcam to use his phone to read the resultant qr code and add his app to his phone. Thanks Marc for a fascinating session.

Marc shared the following links:-

@miclowne or Mic Lowne shared
@betchaboy or Chris Betcher shared
  • pico boards as an alternative to makey makey
  • tynker – like Scratch but it works on iPads
And more
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