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#Community Connect: EPorfolios

May 22, 2013

EPORTFOLIOS…what are they?….why do we need them?….how can we use them?

Eportfolios are about collecting and showcasing evidence of your lifelong learning. They are personal and professional with a purpose for the creator and an audience.

Multimedia Web 2.0 tools allows us to create more visually pleasing and ‘in the moment’ accurate artefacts when recording and reflecting on our learning. An Eportfolio is where we can showcase these artefacts.

In 2011 Coach Carole and a team of presenters offered a 6 week course about eportfolios. Nearly 2 years on,
Adrienne Kajewski and Simon Pankhurst revisit this current and important digital skill in Community Connect’s weekly webinars.
From beginners to established users, there is something for everyone in this week’s session on eportfolios.

WHEN: Thurs 23rd May 2013

WHERE: Follow the Link

TIME: 8pm Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane, Australia time (GMT+11)

All Welcome! Please bring a friend to help share our knowledge with a larger community! We are also looking for ideas of what people would like to learn about so that we can develop some more sessions! Post a comment or visit the Facebook Page to let use know!

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