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#Community Connect: iPad App Smackdown Part 2

May 15, 2013

Community Connect welcomes Chris Smith for an “iPad App Smackdown: Part 2”.


A session not quite as intense as Wrestling smackdowns but probably more relevant to our work in learning and teaching.
In this session Shamblesguru [Chris Smith] will spend about 20-30 minutes sharing just a few of the 1,500 that are on his iPad.
During this time we’ll also look at some of the options to display an iPad on a projector screen or on an external monitor or mirroring the teachers iPad onto student iPads.
After this initial start to the session all attendees are invited to share their own favourite iPad Apps … in any of the areas of productivity, teaching, learning, fun or life style.
Chis has an area on the Shambles website that support “Mobile Learning” which includes the iPad at
Shambles in S.E.Asia : Information and Communication Technology ICT Department

WHEN: Thurs 15th May 2013

WHERE: Here is the Recording Link

TIME: 8pm Melbourne, Australia time (GMT+11)

All Welcome

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  1. May 19, 2013 2:17 pm

    Could you drop the url of the recording in here … many thanks

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