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eT@lking: Digital Humanitarianism

March 7, 2013
When: Wednesday 13th March at 8pm Melbourne Australia time See timeanddate for your day and timezone
About this session: What does Digital Humanitarianism really mean? And how can it help a community that has lost houses, businesses and a school that was over 100 years old. Megan Iemma was involved in helping re-build Dunalley Primary School in Tasmania via Facebook: Tassie Fires We Can Help page and via connections on Twitter.
A google doc was formed, and most of it was co-ordinated online. The great thing about this is how it helped the Tasmanian Department of Education access a document that was well set up and ready to go. Crowdsourcing and getting help where needed via online contacts was absolutely vital. Tune in to hear the rest of the story……..
About our presenter: Megan Iemma (@megsamanda) describes herself as an online, mobile and Social Media Strategist who is passionate about adult learning and technology.
Please join us and share in the conversations. Here is the link to the recording of this session.

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