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Community Connect: Online Communities

March 7, 2013


What makes a good online community? There are plenty of them to join, but is there something common to the Communities of Practice that people keep returning to for conversation? Is it the topics discussed, the platform format, an obscure “feeling”, the people that drop in, leadership, etiquette…?
Nothing special in terms of e-bling tonight as I’ve been away, but it’s an interesting topic that I’d love to throw out there for debate.

Please join us for the Australia e-Series Community Connect session at 8pm tonight (GMT + 11) and share your ideas.

Here’s the link to our Blackboard Collaborate Room:

Here’s a great reference: The Online Community Guide

Hope to see you there,

Penny Bentley

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  1. March 7, 2013 6:27 pm

    .. and the video to watch just before this session starts should be “Together Again” … everyone getting pumped up … .. it’s good to be alive šŸ™‚ #ozseries #australiaseries

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