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#CommunityConnect: Projects, Plans and MOOCs

February 7, 2013


COMMUNITY CONNECT 2013….yes, we’re back and ready for a year of discovery, conversation and professional development.

I’m proud to be the “face” of Community Connect this year, I have huge shoes to fill. Thank you Junita Lyon for helping find my place in the world of “online webinar facilitation”. You have made Community Connect what it is and I hope to continue with your belief that we are here to teach, learn, support, collaborate and above all, have fun while we learn.
I have huge shoes to fill.

TONIGHT at 8pm Melbourne Australia time (GMT + 11) we will kick off the season with an open discussion about your best experiences from 2012, followed by what your plans and aspirations are for 2013.

I look forward to seeing you online in The Australia e-Series Webinar Room tonight.


Penny Bentley

Australia e-Series Webinar Room Link

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  1. February 7, 2013 5:34 pm

    Good on you Penny, a great start for the Community Connect series. I will try to participate at 8 pm for 30 mins or so. As you know, I am collaborating on the design of a new MOOC for Designing Elearning, so I would be happy to talk about its progress if you like.

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