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eT@lking: Resumes are dead, what are you doing about it?

January 13, 2013

resumes are dead




In one of the webinars I attended last week with Steve Hargardon was talking about the fast growing set of networked communities in various places online, one of which was Mightybell. Steve mentioned this group that had a rapid intake of members in a short space of time and I got curious about it. So I joined in. It seems that Richard Norton wrote the book ‘Resumes Are Dead and What to Do About It and this Mightybell group sprung up around discussions with him about the topic of the book. Since then I have accessed Richie’s book as an ebook and read some of his thoughts about the topic, and I have seen a video of Richie talking about the topic on YouTube and I have connected with him in LinkedIn and been over to his blog. I am now following Richie in twitter.

The book is worth reading – of course – but I wanted to find out what others are thinking about the way in which they market themselves online these days. I have a very flexible online version of my resume (usually in a Mahara eportfolio or three) and sometimes send folks over to that site to read it. However, I get more action from keeping my LinkedIn skillset up to date and I think that we need to think about being ‘LinkedIn’ – a phrase that resonates for those who are using the LinkedIn social network.

LinkedIn for me has become my network of preference for indepth conversations about elearning and for keeping up-to-date with what my colleagues are working on. I recently did the January 5 day LinkedIn Challenge and I started to really look deeper into the capacity of LinkedIn as my ‘resume’ or putting it in more current terms – my online profile.

Come along on Wednesday night January 16th and discuss your favourite ways of keeping your online profile up-to-date and join me on a guided tour of the LinkedIn phenomena and a look at Richie’s Mightybell network to find out why his book has become so popular. I’ve even invited Richie along.

New time of 7.30 pm AEDT.

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