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Community Connect Updating Skype

November 22, 2012

Join us tonight Thursday 22nd November  8pm at Community Connect as Ian Hall takes us on a Skype experience

Now it’s time to see what else Skype can do for you. By now, you are probably aware that Skype is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family for free anywhere in the world. But there’s heaps more to learn about Skype.

Our next session with Ian Hall will be very interactive. Now that many of you have had the opportunity to use Skype, you may have questions about it. When it comes to Skype, Ian is quite the expert so this session will give you the opportunity to have those questions answers. You can also vote on what you would like to be covered in the session.

How good is that?

Areas that may be covered in this session (depending on what you want) include:

  • group calling/conference calls
  • emoticons
  • screen sharing
  • favourites
  • menu options
  • instant messaging
  • hyperlinks.

Ian Hall is a dedicate BFS tutor at various kiosks in Victoria. He is also trains in information technology.

Session Link

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