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eT@lking – Solo Taxonomy and Why Hexagons are better than Squares

October 31, 2012

When: Wednesday 31st of October, 8-9pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11)

About this session: This promises to be fantastic with Chris Harte speaking about SOLO Taxonomy and why Hexagon’s are Better than Squares. I (Mic Lowne) was lucky enough to see Chris give a shortened version of this presentation at a TeachMeet earlier in the year and thoroughly enjoyed both the session and Chris’ relaxed presentation style.

Chris was appointed as Leading Teacher for Personalised Learning at John Monash Science School in late 2011 after having moved from his Assistant Headship at Cramlington Learning Village in the UK.  This role involves the development of learner portfolios, team teaching, pedagogies for real and virtual flexible spaces and the formative use of data. Chris is also involved in the design and implementation of the new NBN Virtual School of Emerging Sciences.

Chris has a keen interest in developing learn to learn skills, formative assessment, design thinking and teAchnology in schools as well as a passion for languages education (in particular French and Spanish). Chris writes an education blog at and tweets under the name @charte.

Session recording HERE.

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