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eT@lking – Do You Need A Kickstart?! Crowdfunding for Education

September 18, 2012

Tomorrow night’s eT@lking session will feature Dan Donahoo confessing his addiction to supporting crowdfunding campaigns. Dan just can’t keep away from sites like Kickstarter where he supports lots of different innovative technology projects. Apart from clearing his conscience by admitting he waits eagerly by the door for the Australia Post van to bring him his new goodies, Dan says he will talk about Crowdfunding and Education – What does it mean? and What might it look like? Crowdfunding is all the rage in online circles – but what does this mean for learning and how might it impact or influence schools in the future.

Daniel Donahoo is Director of ideas consultancy, Project Synthesis.

You can find out about his work at


You can find Dan on Twitter @ddonahoo

Join us at 8pm tomorrow night (Wednesday Sept 19) to hear all about crowdfunding goodness. Here is link to the recording of this session.

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