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eT@lking: E-portfolios in Focus

May 20, 2012

Implementing Pathways

May 23 “Implementing pathways” – strategies for providing pathways to further study with e-portfolios  with Ian Whitehouse and Allison Miller

This week we are exploring examples of how students in adult learning environments are using e-portfolios to provide a clear pathway to further studies.

Wednesday 23 May at 8.00 pm AEST

Allison Miller: Capturing now for the future

People go through life continuously gaining new skills and knowledge, often through their lifewide and workplace experiences, but they are rarely supported to gather evidence of these experiences.  Allison will showcase how Project Leaders from the National VET E-learning Strategy’s Higher Qualification Pathways Project have been supported to share and manage their action-based learning using the ‘Groups’ function in an eportfolio system.

Ian Whitehouse: Aged Care Leaders project

Ian Whitehouse is the principal Director at GlobalNet ICT whose Consulting Division has developed and contributed to a number of new and emerging technology developments by pushing the boundaries through innovation. Ian is currently involved in the Higher Qualifications Pathways Projects, funded by NVELS. As co-manager of the The Aged Care Leaders project,  a partnership between GlobalNet ICT and Aged Care Services Tasmania, Ian is exploring the use of Moodle  to facilitate an e-portfolios pathway to further studies in Aged Care. The Aged Care Management Moodle course is being used to assist individuals to begin the capture of their skills and knowledge, work experience and education outcomes. Individuals participating in the pilot will become the ‘Industry e-learning Champions’ a key factor in ensuring the ongoing development and uptake of this projects outcomes.

Come and join us for E-portfolios in Focus webinar number four in the May series on Wednesday 23 May.

Note:  details of the fifth and final webinar on May 30 – with Annette Winch – RPL for Dip students using Eportfolios, coming soon.

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