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Be a designer for online spaces!

April 10, 2012

Two different perspectives: Moodle and WordPress

Two separate webinars on April 11 :

Moodle at Coach Carole’s Blackboard Collaborate V Office: at 4 pm AEST

WordPress at the Australia e-Series Blackboard Collaborate room: at 8 pm AEST

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Moodle Design! is that  the ‘dark art’

This week’s Moodle webinar is all about  designing for engagement in Moodle courses. Join Vicki Lucas and Simon Slieker from TrickyFishProductions as they unpack their process for making the best start to a great course.

Vickie says:

Once we’ve completed the mapping doc for each unit, we then move onto clustering them – the dark art masterclass!

That’s when we find commonalities and natural synchronicity to make a through-storyline.  Our specialty is merging entertainment and education so we’re always looking for the most innovative, cutting edge way to achieve the desired learning goals.

Discuss with other Moodlers how you design your Moodle courses and learn about the through-storyline approach.

Join us here:

WordPress! – its more than just a blog!

This week’s eT@lking webinar will focus on the development of effective WordPress websites for your personal needs or as a business site. Join Penny Bentley from CLOUD9 Education, and friends as we unpack the process of enhancing your WordPress site.

Discuss with other WordPress users how you design your WordPress site and learn some tips on how to setup, choose theme and layout, frequency of postings, and use of Pages.

  • About Penny Bentley

    Penny is a registered Australian Teacher interested in the use of digital technologies to enhance the learning experiences of students and educators. CLOUD9 Education
  • Penny is a moderator for the popular Community Connect series on Thursday evenings and a frequent participant and presenter for the Australia e-Series.

Join us here:

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