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Collaborating in the Cloud! – eT@lking in Review

March 21, 2012

What fun was had tonight!

Liz was Penny, Trent was Betty, Penny was?? I was nothing because my internet access was slow and pirate pad just hung! The other participants seemed to maintain their own identities.

First Anne gave a presentation on the use of titan pad and google document as collaborative spaces for student discussions beyond classroom walls.  Then it was the participants’ turn to setup a titanpad and a pirate pad so that we could all experience first hand what it is like to use. Penny and Ness  used application sharing to share how easy it was to setup an online notepad. The resultant link was pasted in the chat. Participants clicked on that link, were taken to the titan or pirate pad, typed their names, chose a colour and then added information to the public pads, or keyed in the chat. One  popular feature was the time slide, where the document could be completely replayed. Images could be inserted as links into piratepad. Ness shared the gorgeous view outside her back door! Did titanpad allow  images to be inserted?

It was also a great time to explore the capacity/features/potential of these tools. Participants shared what they discovered via the microphone or chat in blackboard collaborate or the chat in the online pads. The fun began when the characters all got mixed up, images appeared on the whiteboard in blackboard collaborate instead of the online pads and many other mysterious events occurred. After a challenging day at school, it was so good to have fun and learn together. Thanks to those who participated!

What features did you like about titanpad and piratepad? Have you used them or other online documents for collaborating? Google apps will have to wait for another time.

Here is the link to the recording

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