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eT@lking: Collaborative Documents in the Cloud

March 19, 2012

When: Wed March 21st, 8-9pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11)

About the session:  In this webinar, we  will

  • look at some of the free online tools that can be used for group discussion, chat and collaboration,
  • how to use them
  • when  they could be used etc.

Anne Mirtschin will start the webinar by demonstrating the use of titan pad, pirate pad etc and google docs within the classroom, between staff, beyond classroom walls into the globe etc and then take a look at

  • How to save these documents,
  • share links for different privacy settings,
  • pros and cons of the  tools,
  • use of chat features,
  • general discussion pages, adding comments,
  • recommended group size,
  • distinguishing each contributor,
  • saving etc

Examples of online discussion between class members, global classrooms in India and Australia, Singapore and Australia etc will be shared.

What tools have you used? When and how have you used them for group work. Bring along your suggestions, experiences etc to share and join in the conversations.

Here is the link to join this session. If you cannot join us, what can you share, what would you suggest and what questions do you have?

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