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Playing with my iPad: Tech Talk Tuesday in review

February 29, 2012

Penny Bentley capably shared her adventures with her iPad and triggered thoughts on bringing further power in learning to mobile devices. As Penny was staying in a coastal national park, she wanted to stay networked, have internet access that was reliable, reasonably priced and displayed acceptable speed.

Penny purchased a prepaid micro sim-card for $30 which was valid for 30 days. Some of the apps that Penny used  included:-

  1. Photo apps – frame magic, photo table
  2. Sound recording with soundcloud Listen to Pennys thunderstorm recording
  3. Used an app to keep up to date with facebook and hootsuite for twitter
  4. Digital storytelling with animoto and voicethread apps
  5. Digital books creator app
  6. Blogged with the blogsy app

Penny shared ways in which she had used these apps including keeping her daughter who was overseas, up to date with their holiday adventures.  Thanks Penny for sharing your hard work!

From the chat came the following:-

Applications for school field trips
  • Brette Lockyer has taken an iPad to the Botanical gardens, identified birds on the spot for a school excursion – the Victoria Museum Guide to Fauna
  • Steff Hann has used it for star gazing 
  • audioboo 
  • Story Kit is a great free app for books from @glovely and coaches eye for annotating whilst on the trip.
  • QReader is great app as well to use at school from Steff Hann
  • apps for note taking from @glovely:- penultimate, slingnote, upad

To learn more listen to the recording. Thanks again Penny.

Have you taken iPads or iPod touches on field excursions or holidays. If so, how have you used them or what apps do you like. What about other mobile devices?

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