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Trending Tools for 2012 – eT@lking in Review

February 23, 2012

Trending Topics for 2012 was the topic for eT@lking this week. Although the group participating was small, we covered the breadth of education – from the young through to the senior citizens. The suggested tools came from practitioners.

Participants were first asked to share the tools that they were increasingly using in their own lives or classroom.

These tools included:-

  • social networking: facebook, twitter, google+
  • use of the cloud:- google apps, dropbox
  • curation: scoopit, pinterest, RSS feeds
  • web 2.0 tools wikis, blogs,
  • learning management systems: moodle, studyladder
  • resources: scootle, studyladder
  • tools for students with special needs:- iPads, proloqo2go, pictello
  • software: MS Powerpoint

Participants discussed how they used these tools. Ness walked us through studyladder and Sandi app shared photoscape. Discussion then centred around what tools we thought we might be using in 2012.

Participants’ suggestions that differed to the above, included:-

  • web conferencing tools eg Blackboard Collaborate
  • tablets, iPads and associated apps
  • screencasting tools
  • organisational tools eg trello
  • email (with the senior citizens)
  • most things google as people know of it

Reference was made to the recently released Horizon Report 2012, Higher Education. The session finished with a quick look at pinterest – a trending tool on the networking sites.

To learn more, listen to the recording. What do you think will be the trending tools for 2012? What tools are you increasingly using in the classroom or your personal life? Please leave a comment on this blogpost with your thoughts.

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