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Playing 2.0 Learn – eT@lking webinar in review

February 16, 2012

This was the topic of this week’s topic on eT@lking’s webinar. It was a general sharing session, where participants were invited to share the tools and technology they have been playing with and then visualize how they could be used further for learning. Following is a list of the tools shared:-

  1. The K12 Online conference’s theme was Purposeful Play and has many tools shared and demonstrated there.
  2. Todays meet – an online back channel shared by Jenny Ashby who shared many further ideas for its use. It allows every student to have a voice. 
  3. Tarheel Reader and Natural Readers  shared by Ness Crouch Converts text etc into audio. Jenny Ashby reminded us that both MS Word and Mac documents have a facility to text to speak!
  4. NessLiz Jennyshared their blogs
  5. Pipespeak adds an audio button to be added to eg a blog or wiki so that people can leave audio comments.
  6. Quad blogging
  7. Comix an online cartoon maker which does not require registrations – drop and drag and quite comprehensive
  8. Proloqo2go is great communicating tool for non verbal students
  9. Jenny Ashby shared a spreadsheet with suggest apps for iPads using file sharing in Blackboard Collaborate.

Thanks everyone for a fascinating session of sharing! Here is the link to the recording

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