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A scoop of EpCoP MOOC webinars this week

August 15, 2011

This week in the MOOC we are considering where to store our eportfolios and we have some guest presenters here to help us.

Tuesday August 16 at 11 am: Mahara – Kristina Hoeppner; Foliospaces – Nayomie Baihn

Wednesday August 17 at 8 pm: Googlesite – Christine Dix and Carole McCulloch

We also have the challenge mentors presenting some complementary webinars on Personal Learning networks and File management.

Thursday August 18 at 11 am: Personal Learning Networks – Junita Lyon

Thursday August 18 at 8 pm: Mahara File Management – Fiona Ross

Kristina Hoeppner will introduce us to the new version of Mahara 1.4 and has this to say about her presentation:

The presentation on Mahara is a brief introduction to this open source
e-Portfolio web application. We will be looking at how you can use Mahara
and what its advantages are as dedicated ePortfolio software.

Nayomie Baihn will introduce us to the use of Foliospaces in the school of hairdressing at Western Sydney Institute, TAFE NSW.

Christine Dix will showcase her googlesites eportfolio – this is a follow up on her much admired overview of this and google forms last week.

Carole McCulloch will showcase her use of googlesites for her personal eportfolio and demonstrate how to set one up for a collaborative space

Junita Lyon will showcase her methods of maintaining her Personal learning network(s)

Fiona Ross will focus in on managing files in the Mahara eportfolio system.

Come along and join us for one or more of these events at our Australia e-Series Blackboard Collaborate room at:

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