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Tech Talk Tuesdays: Within, across, beyond : using technology to connect kids and realise a vision

May 15, 2011

When:- Tuesday, May 17th, 4-5pm, Melbourne Aus time (gmt+10)

About the session

This session will focus on the following:-

  • Connecting the kids within the school using  a wordpress multi blog  site and buddypress,
  • Connecting kids across schools through inter-school discussions
  • Using videoconferencing
  • Connecting kids beyond schools to our virtual experts, a team of online historians, scientists, graphic designers and engineers who help our students in their learning.

Dr Rob Sbaglia and  Simone Uren will share their exciting connections within and beyond the classroom walls.
About the  presenters:-
Dr Rob Sbaglia is the ICT co-ordinator at Castlemaine Nth Primary School, in Australia, and team teaches grades 5 and 6. Prior to this, Rob has been an ultranet coach, a research  scientist and a secondary teacher. He has a particular interest in connecting students beyond the classroom.
Simone is the literacy co-ordinator at the same school and holds a leadership position within the school, where she team teaches grades 5 and 6.  Mrs Uren has a particular interest in the application of ICT in literacy.

Here is the link to the recording of this session.

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