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eT@lking: Digital Citizenship: Trait or Skill

May 4, 2011

As the aromas of Joe’s great baking wafted through the virtual cybersphere, eT@lking provided a lively place to discuss ‘digital citizenship’. Prior to the main discussion, participants shared some great tools that they had worked with during the week.

Effective and efficient use of technology was used during the session, with:-

  1. Roland Gesthuzien quickly sharing some of the back channel used at a staff meeting.
  2. Jenny Ashby creating a wordle out of the Wikipedia definition of Digital Citizenship and then sharing the visual image with us on the whiteboard.
  3. Within minutes of a request, Joe who was baking crunchie biscuits whilst participating in this webinar, took a photo with his iPhone and shared them immediately with us using mobile me. Here is the pic!

Here is a link to the recording.

Tips, tricks and treats

Used sketchcast this week with Year 8 in a humanities class and the students loved it.

From the chat:-

  • Back channel used for leadership meeting – Todays Meet
  • How social media was used during the Royal Wedding
  • How social media was used during the time of Osam Bin Laden’s death
  • Veronica: Is an online code of conduct different to an offline code of conduct?
  • Roland Gesthuizen: Can you be a digital citizen but only work off line such as with email / sms? Can you be a digital citizen but not chat / engage with others .. say just surf.
  • Angie: From what I have seen, maybe the online behaviour (or misbehaviour) can have some really big ramifications e.g. the recent bullying boy incident – Casey?
  • Moderator (Carole McCulloch): to me a digital citizen SHOULD be able to use the online tools effectively to communicate, collaborate, network
  • jjash: you still have to be a citizen for consuming as for producing
  • Angie: receptive and passive – still a citizen but only ‘swimming’ up to the ankles rather than diving in the deep end to create, advocate, etc online
  • Wikipedia’s definition of digital citizen
The participants’ definition of a digital citizen

  • Mel Cashen: Does this mean Civics and Citizenship in our curriculums should include digital citizenship?
  • Moderator (Carole McCulloch): I love that term ‘discruptive technology’ it puts the ownership of learning squarely int he hands of the individual
  • Digital citizenship course
  • Angie: Important in P-12 that ALL teachers (KLA’s) see it as their responsibility – and not jsut pigeon hole this vital area to a few minutes of ICT or pastoral care time.
  • Veronica: What is the difference in our topic between a trait and skill?  Both are learnt?
  • Moderator (Carole McCulloch): trait is inherent, skill is learned IMHO
  • jjash: if you wouldnt say it face to face dont say it online
  • Nine elements of digital citizenship
  • Good online safety presentation
  • Digiteen flat classroom project
  • jjash: I think it is develeoping and changing as younger students use ICt and we have cases to look at with examles of good and poor use.
  • Join the Australia Series facebook group
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  1. CoachCarole permalink
    May 5, 2011 12:17 pm

    Great summary of eT@lking: Digital Citizenship Anne. Loved it. We will continue the theme into next weeks eT@lking and we’re planning to also talk about Dropbox and how valuable it is as an online repository for collaborative sharing.

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