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#”Community Connect” Voicethread Voki Voxopop

April 28, 2011


Join us on Community Connect Thursday 28th April at 8pm as we look at Voicethread, Voki and Voxopop, three tools ideal  for rapid e-learning.

The main difference between VoiceThread and another player is that an extra layer of media surrounds the central media you’ve uploaded as slides etc . The next layer is created when you or others make a comment on your VoiceThread.

Voxopop is essentially a message boardforum  that uses voice instead of text. These forums are called “talkgroups” – communities of real people discussing various topics using their real voices. Anyone can create a talkgroup, for a personal interest or an existing online community! Voxopop is a Melbourne invention.

Voki enables users to express themselves on the web by using an avatar to talk for them or their own voice. 

We will look at how to create these useful tools and how they can be used for fun, communication, as a reporting and assessment tool.

All welcome ..Community Connect

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