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eT@Lking Review: The Ed Tech Crew and Podcasting

April 6, 2011

The Ed Tech Crew captured a fabulous audience for eT@lking. As jjash tweeted after the webinar: “Wow what a feast in Australian Series seemed like a real geek fest. Who’s who of Ed ICT.” Thanks Darrel and Tony for a fabulous session and to all the other geeks and non-geeks in the room who contributed so richly to the conversations. Participants were encouraged to use a titanpad especially set up for the session.

Here is the link to the recording

From the chat:-

  • stixy
  • PLP ConnectU project and Captivating Lesson
  • @hihelen18: “Tim I agree entirely. Just give me the best value hardware and then let me at the Cloud. I don’t care if it is Mac PC Android or i?”
  • The Australia Series facebook page
  • Blog post on podcastism
  • Call recorder for skype
  • Wire tap recorder
  • Levelator adjusts audio on podcasts (Lynette Barr: I find your podcasts don’t blow out my speakers when you use the levelator!)
  • Microphones – yeti and flex mics
  • Recommended Samson microphone
  • Andrew Douch: PodOmatic will generate an RSS feed and link to iTunes directly and so that’s why i use feedburner
  • Andrew Douch’s podcasts
  • Tony Richards: DreamHost in the US to host our sites
  • Jenny Ashby and Lois Smethurst – RU Connected is our podcast.
  • The Virtual Staffroom – Chris Betcher
  • betchaboy 2: with kids you could create a podcast pretty simply using AudioBoo, iPadio or Posterous
  • jjash: i use garageband to iweb to itunes- Podcasting for dummies
  • Educampwelly
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