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Summary of eT@lking: Your PLN and life-long learning: a model for students

March 17, 2011

In this session for Wednesday, March 16th, Jo McLeay capably presented on building a PLN, demonstrating how she developed her network over the past 5 years. Her presentation stimulated some rich discussions in the chat on  life-long learning, the importance of using twitter and other social networking sites and the place of web conferencing in building networks. Thanks to Jo and the participants for a very powerful session.

Here is the link to the recording.

From the Chat

  • Slideshare zipcast
  • codebaby
  • rapid elearning tools are really great for the enthusiasts
  • heytell
  • from Nick lifelong learning is a complex set of knowledge (about learning), skills and attitudes
  • a new term for online acquaintances/friends = net.knowing
  • Study Guide to the Secret Life of Bees
  • Oovoo – for videoconferencing linkups
  • GrahamJClark- hash tags in twitter make a huge difference in terms of finding stuff
  • Coach Carole McCulloch: tweeting has changed the way in which we collaborate – its almost approaching critical mass
  • GrahamJClark: twitter good for research, feedback, etc
  • Pru:- Great article in New Scientist 23 February 2011: Keeping up e-ppearances: How to bury your digital dirt
  • GrahamJClark: blogs are great for thinking things through
  • rowan_peter: Blogs are great for production and participation
  • Penny BENTLEY: found an app today on chrome to clean up FB adds…it’s brilliant. No more personalised adds for women about weight loss etc
  • Pru: Learn Central/webinars – cuts across borders, states and technologies and Bridge the sectors also: VET, Adults, Primary, Secondary etc
  • A Personal Cyberinfrastructure. An article by Gardner Campbell. I guess a Personal Cyberinfrastructure could be another name for a PLN.
  • sujokat 1: Linkedin is a good continuation of your PLN
  • Join us on facebook:- The Australia Series Group

Tips, Tricks and Treats for the Week

Ice Breaker for the Evening



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