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#Community Connect Glogster

March 13, 2011

This Thursday 17th March at 8pm on “Community Connect ”

Helen Doyle will take us on a journey looking at Glogsters.

Do you know about  Glogster?

Put simply, they are an interactive poster and another one of those Web 2.0 tools that you won’t be able to live without .  Their use is only limited by your imagination and your curriculum though some students used them to advertise their social events as well!

This webinar will include examples of students work and a webtour of how to get started. Come along and discover what Glogster can be used for   Glogsters suit students of all ages and learning abilities as they are a perfect way for students with disabilities to express themselves with the many proforma’s available.

We will also briefly talk about the importance of developing a Personal Learning Network.

You may wish to view one I have been developing for my e-leaders in the Gippsland Region. Gippslandregion PLN

Join us at 8pm Thursday  link to session

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