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eT@lking: The Student Blogging Challenge

February 26, 2011

The Student Blogging Challenge site

Sue Wyatt who organizes the Student Blogging Challenge, expertly led us through a session explaining this session for this week’s eT@lking. So far there are more than 600 students from 35 schools from across many countries registered for the Challenge.

A global audience was present.  Participants, some of whom are registered for the Student Blog Challenge,  came from Australia, China, USA and Ireland. Sue walked us through  both the upcoming Student Challenge and the current edublog’s Teacher  Challenges. Here is the link to the recording.

Sue explained the following:-

  • how to enrol for the challenge,
  • how to find the posts,
  • what is needed to be done,
  • what the last challenge looked like etc.

The bloggers cafe was also demonstrated.

Such challenges are a wonderful way to learn more, with a strong support network, establish learning networks for both the teacher and students, and to develop further potential projects. Have you participated in one of these challenges before? Are you enrolled in the current challenge?

What do you see as the benefits or pereived benefits of being involved?

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