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eT@lking: Blogging – a Digital Literacy of the 21st Century

February 13, 2011

Wednesday, 16th February, 8-9pm, Melbourne, Australia (gmt+11)

This session will continue on from our theme of microblogging over the last few weeks. Blogging is a digital literacy of the 21st century. It is essential that as we become increasingly digital and have an online presence that there is a base for people from across the country and globe, to connect and communicate with each other. Blogging provides the perfect platform for asynchronous connections.

In this session the following may be discussed depending on the participants who are present:-

  • what is a blog?
  • how can blogs be used?
  • where should we start with blogs?
  • what makes an effective blog?
  • the recent Teacher blogging challenge and the upcoming student challenge with edublogs (to be continued next week with Sue Wyatt)
  • how can we increase our readership and our connections?
  • and other questions that participants may pose.

Please join us, bring along the things you would like to be shown or discussed and share in the conversations.

Here is the link to the session

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